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Fitness Expert Clint Fuqua in Dallas TX

Clint Fuqua

Health & Wellness
Owner at CFPTS Global LLC
Dallas, Texas 75287

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Knowledge - Health - Freedom

Contact Details

Name CFPTS Global LLC
Logo CFPTS Global LLC Company Logo by Clint Fuqua in Dallas TX
Position Owner
Year Established: 2001
Online Profiles
Phone Number 4695465320
Additional Phone Number 4695465320
17610 Midway Rd Suite 128
Dallas, TX 75287
United States
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Professional Background

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About CFPTS Global LLC

Clint designs total health and performance enhancing programs unique to each client's wants, known needs, and unknown needs. Finding a balance between these wants, needs, and creating a balanced program to address them in their importance at each point in a client's training life is the difference between success and failure. Clint utilizes his keen sense of observation and fore thought to develop full scale programs using specialized assessment methods, exercise equipment, movement protocols, and nutritional programs to aid his clients in achieving success. Clint has published “Personal Health Care Reform” and created a radio talk show of the same name to help everyone learn how to care for their health.  Get more information about Clint Fuqua and take full advantage of his personal health and corporate wellness services by visiting today.

Just one piece of my Corporate Wellness Programs

Posted: 11/03/2015

One size fits all really only fits one person and is uncomfortable for everyone else. This is just one part of my Individuallized Corporate Wellness programs for companies with 2-10,000 employees.

Icon Meals is my customized food service of choice

Posted: 07/25/2015

Eating health is easy no matter how busy your schedule can get during the week. Even better than healthy meals are tasty healthy meals. to learn more and order your customized meals visit

Kinisi is my athletic clothing company of choice

Posted: 07/25/2015

I have worn everything from the big brands and it is all trash compared to what Kinisi has developed. Cotton is back and it is going to dominate the market again thanks to the patented processes developed

IDLife is my nutritional supplement company of choice

Posted: 07/25/2015

I have been in the health industry for over 20 years and three of them producing nutritional supplements. IDLife is the best company on the market for addressing all health issues and goals.through the

Knowledge of sport specific training

Posted: 07/25/2015

"Sport Specific" training is probably one of the most overused phrases and selling points in the training industry. Since each and every athlete has their very on unique and special skill set why would

Knowledge of Functional Training

Posted: 07/25/2015

"Stupid Human Tricks" are fun for the whole gym...and for us trainers. They however are not the best form of training, nor are they "functional"...unless you get paid to perform stupid human tricks. If

Knowledge of Stretching

Posted: 07/25/2015

Putting your body to sleep before you exercise is like scaring a dog to wake it the end you will get bit!! Keep the static stretching at the end of your workouts to get your body to relax, calm

Knowledge of Cable Weights

Posted: 07/25/2015

For all the "free weights are dangerous" and "machines are boring" people out there let's take a look at using cables for resistance training! You can do tons of different movements from tons of different

Knowledge of Machine Weights

Posted: 07/25/2015

OK, so those free weights scare you and you're afraid you might drop one on your foot. So what's your other option...that huge mass of fun and friendly machines taking up tons of floor space. All you

Knowledge of Free Weights

Posted: 07/25/2015

Gravity determines your situation. You can either get pulled down by it or you can use it to build yourself up. This is where free weights come in. Free weights give you the best tool in the world for

Knowledge of Gyms

Posted: 07/25/2015

A tool is only useful when it is used and used properly...and a health club or gym has many tools, classes, and instructors to help you learn to use these tools effectively. Much like going to Home Depot

Knowledge of Body

Posted: 07/24/2015

Your body is one of the most incredible machines ever made. Much like any machine it is made to move, but will only tolerate certain stresses depending on how it is made. If your body does not move it

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Clint Fuqua
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