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Videos movement

Knowledge of Body

Posted: 07/24/2015

Your body is one of the most incredible machines ever made. Much like any machine it is made to move, but will only tolerate certain stresses depending on how it is made. If your body does not move it

The HOPE Movement

Posted: 12/11/2015

Knowledge of Cable Weights

Posted: 07/25/2015

For all the "free weights are dangerous" and "machines are boring" people out there let's take a look at using cables for resistance training! You can do tons of different movements from tons of different

Knowledge of Functional Training

Posted: 07/25/2015

"Stupid Human Tricks" are fun for the whole gym...and for us trainers. They however are not the best form of training, nor are they "functional"...unless you get paid to perform stupid human tricks. If

Quadrant Rolling

Posted: 10/29/2015

Joe DeLeo demonstrates quadrant rolling patterns. This an excellent reset for the body to remember to reflexively stabilize through the Intrinsic subsystem. It's also a great movement prep drill for the

Kettlebell Deadlift Pattern and Lift

Posted: 10/29/2015

Joe DeLeo demonstrates the proper movement pattern for the Kettlebell deadlift.

Core Fitness Studios Promo Video

Posted: 11/21/2015

The trainers at Core Fitness listen to you and discuss your particular needs, answer your questions, and pay attention to your concerns. We will design a fitness plan unique to you and your needs. We

How to Hip Hinge

Posted: 11/25/2015

Joe DeLeo demonstrates 3 drills to learn the hip hinge and lay the foundation for the deadlift and kettlebell swing.

How to Kettlebell Deadlift

Posted: 11/25/2015

Joe DeLeo demonstrates proper technique for the kettlebell deadlift and lays the foundation for the kettlebell swing.

New golf workout program System Guarantees to stop the slice in Just 20 Days

Posted: 07/17/2015

If your like me, you seek for constant improvement in any thing I do. Golf is a sport, and we are athletes. Chris Ownbey with Chris Ownbey's golf fitness in Dallas tx has a new program located here